Menlo Park Council approves Facebook development agreement
Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith is pleased with the development agreement
and the benefits Facebook will bring to the City and San Mateo County.

Menlo Park, CA, April 18, 2012 -- Last night, Menlo Park City Council approved the Facebook development agreement, which illustrates the high level of collaboration between the City and private business. The agreement includes annual payments to the City, in lieu of sales tax revenue, as well as other community benefits.

More importantly, this agreement will allow Facebook to exceed the 3600 employee cap, replacing it with a trip cap of 15,000 daily trips. Facebook will bring thousands of good jobs, benefiting Belle Haven, Menlo Park and San Mateo County.

"The development agreement is very reasonable for both Facebook and Menlo Park," said Mayor Keith, "The overall benefit is that we have an amazing company in Menlo Park that most cities would love to have in their community".

Mayor Keith lives with her husband and two children in Menlo Park, just two miles from the Menlo Park home her grandparents purchased in the 1950's. Her children attend public schools in San Mateo County, as Mayor Keith and her mother did.


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