Supervisor Candidate Kirsten Keith Files Complaint
One Supervisor Candidate files complaint to force second
Candidate to change election filings to follow the law

Menlo Park, CA, March 20, 2012 -- Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith today announced that the San Mateo County Elections office had agreed with her objections in a complaint she filed to both the ballot designation and ballot statement of Warren Slocum, who is one of her opponent’s in the San Mateo County Supervisor’s race that will be conducted June 5th. The County has made Mr. Slocum change both his ballot designation and ballot statement.

The ballot designation is the three words used to describe a candidate’s profession that appears in voter pamphlets. The ballot statement is the 200 words allowed to candidates to describe their experience, expertise, qualifications and reasons for running for a particular office.

“Mr. Slocum attempted to file a ballot designation that was not permitted under the law”, said Keith. “I raised objections with San Mateo County and they agreed that his ballot designation was improper. Mr. Slocum was forced to change it. Additionally, I objected to some of the language Mr. Slocum used in his ballot statement to describe his former position with the County and San Mateo County Counsel agreed with that objection also and went to court to get this language changed.”

“I find it very disturbing that the former Election’s Chief for the County filed both a ballot designation and ballot statement that was not permitted under the law,” said Keith. “This was either a deliberate act or a negligent oversight, and either is very troublesome for someone who was in charge of enforcing election laws and is now a candidate for Supervisor.”

Mayor Keith lives with her husband and two children in Menlo Park, just two miles from the Menlo Park home her grandparents purchased in the 1950's. Her children attend public schools in San Mateo County, as Mayor Keith and her mother did.


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