Half Moon Bay Review Editorial (Oct, 21, 2020)

It’s impossible to make an informed choice in the current election of San Mateo County Harbor Commissioners without knowing a little of the sordid history of the organization. Unfortunately, that requires hip waders and a strong constitution.

In short, the San Mateo County Harbor District is governed by people more interested in fighting among themselves than managing millions in taxpayer funding and a couple of the true jewels of San Mateo County. This has been true for decades now, over a generation of elections. The San Mateo County civil grand jury has more than once suggesting disbanding it, and the Local Agency Formation Commission has repeatedly found it has “zero sphere of influence.” The Review has pleaded with the county government to do the right thing and manage it as a government agency rather than an endless collection of bad habits. All to no avail. Only recently, there have been claims of sexual harassment generating a boatload of legal bills and settlements for employees who left in a huff. Elected leaders have routinely turned routine disagreements over meeting times and such into epic personal grudge matches.

The only rational approach for voters is to vote out the incumbents. This year, voters on the coast will have two opportunities to do so.

District 4 covers most of the Coastside population and pits incumbent Tom Mattusch against two challengers, Dawn Korth and Lee Fernandez, both of whom live on this side of the hill. District 5, to the south, includes La Honda and Pescadero in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Incumbent Virginia Kiraly-Chang is running against Menlo Park’s Kirsten Keith. We didn’t bother with interviews in District 5 since we could not in good conscience endorse Kiraly-Chang.

— Editorial board, Half Moon Bay Review, Oct, 21, 2020