Daily News, Wednesday, October 27, 2010 (excerpt from larger article)

Opinion: Menlo Park City Council

    Keith would make a refreshing addition to the council. As someone appointed to the planning commission in 2004 by former council members Nicholas Jellins, Lee Duboc and Mickie Winkler and reappointed in 2008 by current council members Robinson, Cline and Kelly Fergusson, Keith could become a bridge between feuding political factions. Keith considers herself a moderate voice on the commission who has learned the give and take of compromise.

       Keith supports pension reform as a way to balance the budget, but just as importantly asserts she would seek to balance the budget without tapping into city reserves. That means she’s willing to make some tough decisions rather than take the easy way out and pray that rosy projections come true... on the council, fiscal constraint would get more than lip service.