Ms. Keith told the Almanac that collaboration with other jurisdictions is an important part of creating the best ideas for Menlo Park. For example, the Grand Boulevard Initiative... will revitalize the 43 miles of El Camino Real from San Jose to South San Francisco... another example of great collaboration between cities. — The Almanac, December 11, 2013

As a Menlo Park planning commissioner for seven years, Keith knows land-use development and policy issues. And as mayor of a city that just cut a deal with Facebook that will recap millions of dollars in revenue and community benefits over the next decade, Keith has demonstrated the negotiating skills... to attract more job-creating and tax-paying businesses. — Daily News, June 2, 2012

Keith supported Menlo Parks Measure L in 2010, a ballot initiative sponsored by residents to reduce pensions for newly hired non-police employees in city government. In her time on council, she’s been pragmatic and avoided the pettiness and backstabbing that has characterized that body in years past. We think qualifications and a good track record should matter more.... — Daily Post, June 1, 2012

Facebook Inc’s initial public offering will be a boon for its new hometown, Menlo Park. Few people know that better than Mayor Kirsten Keith... as part of the Facebook Development Agreement that Ms. Keith and city staff negotiated, the company will make payments to Menlo Park and give the city other items of value. — Wall Street Journal, April 26, 2012

Of course, Keith is no stranger to speaking up and getting out. As a defense attorney, mayor and affiliate of a lengthy roster of organizations and activities... Keith is always busy. That same interest in giving back led her to city government, first community mediation and housing committees, eventually the Planning Commission and in 2010 City Council of the town shes called home since 1996. — Daily Journal, April 12, 2012



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